Welcome to Adelaide Unicare


Adelaide Unicare’s mission is to:-

  • Provide quality primary healthcare to our patients.
  • Provide a quality primary healthcare teaching network for medical, nursing & allied health undergraduate & postgraduate students.


Our vision is to provide the highest quality care and service to ensure the health of our patients. We aim to run efficient general practices which generate reasonable surpluses.
Surplus funds will be :-

  • Used to support teaching and research in accordance with our mission statement.
  • Reinvested in the business to upgrade facilities and infrastructure.
  • Used as otherwise directed by the Trust Committee of the Unihealth Research & Development Trust.


Adelaide Unicare is a limited liability proprietary company. It is 100% owned by the University of Adelaide. It is the corporate trustee of the Unihealth Research & Development Trust, the sole beneficiary of which is the University of Adelaide.


Adelaide Unicare’s core business activities are:-

  • To deliver primary health care services, with a focus on general practitioner services, to patients who attend our Practices.
  • To undertake undergraduate and postgraduate training of medical, nursing and allied health students who are placed at our Practices by the University of Adelaide. In addition we are involved with vocational training of GP registrars who are placed at our Practices by GPEx.
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